Frank Saverino

For Carol Stream Mayor

 Currently in his 4th term as Mayor of Carol Stream seeking reelection. In 2001, Frank successfully campaigned to serve on the Village Board as an at-large Trustee. Frank was reelected Trustee in May 2005 and after serving 2 years of his 4-year term, successfully ran for Mayor. On May 14, 2007, Frank was sworn into to office as the Village’s 11th Mayor. 

Important Dates for the 2023 Election:

 – February 23rd –
Ballots First Mailed Out
First day to vote at DuPage County Fair Grounds

– March 20th to April 3rd –
Early voting in person at Multiple Locations

– April 4th –

The Leadership Our City Needs Right Now

About Frank

In June of 1981, Frank, and his wife Roberta (Bobbie) formed what is now called Team Saverino / Saverino & Associates, Inc., in a 10,000 sq. ft. facility in the industrial section of Carol Stream. During the 40-year history of his company, Frank and his wife grew the business into one of the region’s most respected food brokerage firms that includes a 42-person employee workforce and an impressive customer account base that spans a 23 state territory. Mayor Saverino and his wife Roberta just celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. They have 4 children, 7 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.


Seth Lewis – Illinois Senator – 24th District

I could not be more honored to support and ask you to vote for Mayor Frank Saverino. Mayor Saverino has been an inspiration in Carol Stream and an inspiration to his residence. As an individual, he cares about what happens in his town. I ask you, please vote for Frank Saverino for Mayor of Carol Stream, Illinois. Thank you.

Seth Lewis
Illinois Senator
24th District

Seth Lewis’s video endorsement of Frank Saverino

Rodney S. Craig – Village President of Hanover Park

It is my honor to endorse the Honorable Frank Saverino who is running for Mayor in Carol Stream. Representing the people of Carol Stream is priority one for our friend Mayor Saverino. A strong leader and advocate on matters of mutual interest, his collaborative and trusting nature not only works well for the citizens of Carol Stream, but additionally for his neighboring communities like Hanover Park. I first met Frank Saverino when we served as Trustees on neighboring Fire Districts. Exceptional training and equipment for Fire Fighters was a priority to assure our residents quality of life was a priority. The safety of our residents continued as a key component under the leadership of Frank when he became Mayor of Carol Stream. Residents trust their Police Department given the low crime rate and the commitment to state of art equipment, training, and collaboration with neighboring communities. Quality education, safe schools, working together to assure our quality of life is improving is a key component for our suburban area. Frank Saverino has the pulse of Carol Stream, his residents, and his neighbors. We are an exceptional force to improve the needs of our hometowns and Mayor Frank Saverino is a leader we all rely upon. Today as our communities become increasing more diverse, with opportunities to become more inclusive in an equitable manner, Mayor Saverino seeks to fill the needs of residents moving Carol Stream ahead as a model Village. The state of Illinois has cut our fair share of revenue from 10% to 6%, they have implemented costly mandates that add an additional burden to all our communities. The demands are high leaving a strong burden on our communities and all residents. Frank feels the pain and collaboratively we all work together with our legislators in Springfield to assure they understand the local impacts. Mayor Saverino is known among his peers as one who is passionate about his community and works diligently to create a hometown environment where residents are proud to call Carol Stream their home. To quote my friend, “I love this village and the people who live here.” It shows my friend.

I urge you to cast your vote for Mayor Frank Saverino.

Rodney S. Craig
Village President of Hanover Park

Randy Ramey – Wayne Township Supervisor

“As a 34-year resident of Carol Stream, it is my honor to endorse Frank Saverino to be re-elected as Mayor! Frank puts his whole heart into this position as you can see in his dedication to the community. I have worked with Frank both personally and professionally and can say he is always putting Carol Stream first. He listens and comes up with common sense solutions that keep Carol Stream a vibrant and safe community. I look forward to working with him for another 4 years!”

Randy Ramey
Wayne Township Supervisor
State Representative, 55th District, retired

Dirk Enger – Golf War Veteran

“Wish we had more Mayors like you Frank. You always wear your heart on your sleeve and always act on pressing issues
for the betterment of all for a better quality of life. You honor and represent all of Carol Stream every day.”

Dirk Enger, Golf War Veteran

Marina Mattingly – President of the Carol Stream Rotary Club

“I am truly humbled to know Frank Saverino & his beautiful bride Bobbie. They have treated me as family and
Frank actually walked me down the aisle 7 years ago.
The things that I have learned from Frank over the many years that we have served together to better Carol
Stream and the community have made me a better servant for our community. To list the ways….well we would
be here a long time. He is the most honest and loving person I have the honor to know & be mentored by and I
support him 100% for another term.”

Marina Mattingly
President of the Carol Stream Rotary Club
Leading Knight of the Wheaton Elks Lodge
Chair for Women of Impact
Community Impact Director/ Christ
Community Church
Kids Hope USA Director/ Streamwood
Owner/ Restoration Coalition
Proud Grandma & Mother & Wife

Jennifer Sanalitro – State Representative – District 84

“Mayor Saverino’s 25 plus years of public service, and over 40 years of experience as a small business owner has allowed him to bring a level of leadership to Carol Stream that is beyond compare. Under his strong fiscal leadership, Carol Stream has continued to grow and prosper.

Mayor Saverino’s continued advancement of community cohesion, promotion of civic awareness, and advocacy for strong public safety has led to Carol Stream being repeatedly ranked as one of the best places to live in Illinois.
I fully Endorse Frank Saverino to be Re-Elected Mayor of Carol Stream.”

Jennifer Sanalitro
State Representative District 48

Stephanie Kifowit – State Representative – 84th District

I’ve known Frank for almost two decades and he is a person who champions the
residents of Carol Stream.  He is a dedicated public servant that can be depended upon
and relied on to make sure Carol Stream is a thriving and welcoming community for
“I am honored to provide Frank Saverino my endorsement for Mayor of Carol Stream.”

Stephanie Kifowit
State Representative District 84

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